Defensive Driving Courses

defense-driving-300x204National Driving School is proud to be among the handful of providers authorized to teach the National Safety Council’s acclaimed Defensive Driving Courses. We are a National Safety Council certified training center with the ability to offer: Alive at 25, DDC4, DDC6, and DDC8.

Corporations that offer their employees any of the defensive courses available stand to gain more at the end of the day since they are likely to:

  • Create a culture of safety.
  • Lower workers’ compensation insurance cost.
  • Decrease insurance premiums on company vehicles.
  • Reduce liability exposure.

Alive at 25

For drivers ages 14 to 25 yrs old. Alive at 25 is a highly-effective, four-hour, defensive driving course that serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs — and is also ideal for young drivers who incur traffic violations. Through interactive media segments, workbook exercises, role playing and more, young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safe on the road. Skill practice and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques help change bravado into confidence. In addition to language that resonates with young adults, there’s also emphasis on classroom participation. Participants are encouraged to join in non-threatening, non-judgmental discussions — exploring how changing driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.